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Pearls of Panache for Business POP

We have all heard the saying  “Pearls of Wisdom” when learning about a subject  or listening to advice from our bosses, co-workers, family and friends…

“Pearls of Panache” is a  place where businesses small and large can come for advice, articles, and tips for American Business Etiquette. In today’s American Business world, all to often it seems that we forget everyday courteousness towards our co-workers and even our customers. Moreover, factors such as cultural differences, generational gaps in the workplace, and even company culture  can effect how we think, act and perceive one another, as well as how we treat others. This blog is for businesses that may be struggling on how to motivate, change, or inspire their employees with regards to business manners.

In the  French language “panache” means style. Style simply means a particular way in which something is done. Pearls of Panache (POP) Blog is just this. A fun creative blog where companies can find useful and helpful information on how to help the problem of poor business manners in the workplace. Most people think of Etiquette of being a strict set of rules. However, this is not true. We can still be eloquent, elegant, while having today’s “Panache” in the workplace. Once you begin to utilize the information and resources from POP in your workplace, the end result will be a happier, healthier, pleasant and productive work environment your business to grow in thrive in!

~ Chiri Meacham

Enjoy reading POP For Business!

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